A Place at the Table

In Israel, this is a time of deep loss and grief. Thousands of families are facing a terrible reality: they will never again share a table with their loved ones, never hear them recount their day, tell a joke, tease their little brothers, or say a blessing.

Food is the most basic form of caring for others, and we all have memories that revolve around it. The dinner table is the center of family life; now, there is an empty seat.

“A Place at the Table” commemorates those lost on October 7 and in the war by sharing their stories and preserving their favorite recipes. We have worked closely to document family members and friends as they prepare these dishes and tell us about their lost loved ones. Each week, we will share a new video on Asif’s social media channels offering an intimate look at the people behind the names.

spicy fish for the late Shani Gabay

Spicy Fish

The late Shani Gabay, who was murdered at the Nova music festival, never turned down her mother's fish — not even on the night before she died.

Cream Puffs for the late David Kachko Katzir

Cream Puffs

Ayelet Katzir, whose husband David Kachko Katzir was murdered on October 7, talks about the love of her life and offers the recipe for his favorite dessert.

Homemade hummus for the late Sivan Yanin


The sister of the late Sivan Yanin tells us about her brave policeman brother and the family hummus recipe he loved.