The Desserts of Our Childhood—All Grown Up (27-28 April, 5-4 May)

  • 09:00 — 15:00
Slice of cake with cream on white plate with flowers

Because each of us has a dessert that, with one bite, brings us right back to our childhood.

Join us at Cafe Asif for a special pop-up with pastry chef Michal Goldberger, who will put modern and seasonal spins on nostalgic Israeli sweets like a homemade version of the pink coconut candy of our childhoods, an ever-so-light ketzf v’katzefet cake made with whipped cream and meringue, and a layered biscuit cake with housemade ricotta.

There will also be malabi tartlets with pomegranate sauce, chocolate rugelach, a sandwich cookie with loquat jam, brioche with fruit compote and three babkas — classic chocolate, apple spice, and one with marzipan and mahleb (ground cherry seeds).

Enjoy the desserts at Cafe Asif or take them home.

About The the chef

Michal Goldberger

Pastry Chef

Michal Goldenberger (28) was born and raised in Jerusalem. After finishing her pastry studies at the Bishulim Culinary School, she started working in the pastry shop of the restaurant Mona in Jerusalem. From there she continued as a pastry chef at the Kitchen Market restaurant in Tel Aviv and when it closed during the pandemic, she helped launch Weiss as its pastry chef.