How to Yearn — Sold Out

  • Show
  • 15 July, 19:30 — 22:00
  • Asif's Hub
  • 150 NIS
Rona Kenan and Hila Alpert who will speak at Asif

Rona and Hila cook words and music in an intimate show dedicated to one of the most influential culinary books — Amos Kenan’s “Book of Pleasures.”

In a unique event created in for Asif, the two will travel through the pages of a book that revolutionized Israeli cuisine, offering their own interpretations of the ideas embedded in it through personal texts, songs, and even composed recipes.

Amos Kenan wrote ‘The Book of pleasures’ upon his return from the Six Day War and dedicated it to Dahn Ben-Amotz and to all those who did not return from the war so that “the ones remaining, can continue to enjoy life, which is all we ever wanted.” In a country drunk on victory and the sanctification of land over life, Amos insisted on speaking in praise of life and of guilt-free pleasures, he used tool as a tool of rebellion.

At the end of the show, we will enjoy a squid ink calamari stew with bulgur and peppers, a dish created by Hila, inspired by the book.

Read more about the “Book of Pleasures” on the Asif Journal.


Squid ink calamari stew with bulgur and peppers cooked by Hila Alpert, inspired by the “Book of Pleasures”

About the performers

Rona Kenan

Singer Songwriter

Rona Kenan’s extensive and wide-reaching work has placed her at the center of Israel’s cultural map, as a fascinating voice of her generation. Born in Jaffa in 1979, Rona Kenan grew up in Tel Aviv. She studied theater at the Thelma Yellin High School of Arts and burst onto the scene at the young age of 18 when she joined Eran Zur and Eli Abramov in “You Are My fFiend,” a tribute show dedicated to the poet Yona Wallach. Kenan’s portfolio as a singer, composer and guitarist includes six solo albums, award-winning television series and films soundtracks, and collaborations with top Israeli artists. Her work has won her praise and awards, making her one of Israel’s most respected composers.

Hila Alpert

Food Journalist

Hila Alpert grew up in a mix of culinary traditions. She is one of the most prominent figures in the local culinary landscape. She is a food writer, creator, journalist, lecturer, and TV presenter. She is the author of several cookbooks and restaurant guides and a culinary consultant for restaurants and the food industry.

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