Asif Launches First Local Heirloom and Indigenous Wine Shelf

  • Cafe Asif
  • 15 September, 18:00 — 21:00
  • Lilienblum 28, Tel-Aviv Yaffo
  • Per order
Grape bunch hanging from vine illustrated

Join us for a tasting of 15 bottles at Cafe Asif — or, pick up a bottle for home from the Asif Deli

Bittuni, Balouti, Zeini, Marawi, Jandali. No, we’re not brewing an age-old curse. These are indigenous and heirloom grape varieties that the local wine industry has turned to in recent years in an effort to celebrate local terroir. Wineries large and small are making intriguing varietals and blends, vermouths, araks, and more from these grapes. 

Join us at Asif to taste the fruits of their labor. As a companion to her article “Ancient World Wine, New Wine Culture,” natural wine importer and founder of Asis Wild Wines Natalie Shafrir curated a selection of these varieties for a first of its kind shelf, available at the Asif Deli. To celebrate the launch, we’re cracking open bottles at Cafe Asif for two nights in September. 

Tastings can be purchased by the half glass, glass, or bottle, and will be accompanied by tastes from the Asif Pantry. Bottles to take home will also be available for sale. 



Dabouki, Vermouth, Amit Toledo


Dabouki, Pét-nat, Jezreel Valley Wines


Dabouki, Feldstein

Dabouki, Cremisan

Be’er, Barkan (Beta Series)

Hamdani Jandali, Cremisan

Marawi, Recanati

Zeini, Taybeh


Bittuni, Recanati

Argaman, Feldstein

Argaman, Barkan (Beta Series)

Zuriman, Dalton (Asufa Series)

Baladi, Cremisan

Bittuni, Taybeh

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