‘Cooking with Love:’ Close Out the Year With an Israeli ‘70s Party

  • Party
  • 29 December, 21:00 — 02:00
  • Cafe Asif
  • 180 NIS
1970's inspired graphic of a turntable, cheese slices and kebabs

Throw-Back: Join us for a retro living room disco, with a twist

In the 1970s, Ruth Sirkis’s “Cooking With Love,” turned hospitality and cooking in Israel on its head. Join us as we celebrate it in true disco fashion. For one evening, Asif will be transformed into a 1970s living room party — complete with a mirror ball.

Culinary personality Efrat Enzel and her partner DJ Omri Smadar will host dance party with mashups of songs from then and now, plus trays of recipes from the book with contemporary riffs. Sip cocktails from legendary bartender Eddie Newman, who will offer his take on the drinks like punch and mulled wine that helped make those living room parties back in the day so memorable. 

About the book

Cooking with Love

Best-Selling Israeli Cookbook of All Time

“Cooking with Love,” Ruth Sirkis’ iconic book, is a milestone in the history of culinary literature in Israel. Published in 1975, it started a revolution in hospitality in the country, showing cooks food wasn’t just functional or just for family. She taught Israelis it’s possible — and appropriate — to celebrate. Since its release, “Cooking with Love” has become the best-selling Israeli cookbook of all time. 

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