Flavor & Aroma With Jullius Distillery

  • Talk & Tasting
  • 26 September, 19:00 — 21:00
  • Asif, 4th floor
  • 90 NIS
Distiller Yuval Hargil and a bottle of his Marc de Galilee liquor.

When we drink grappa, brandy, rum, or whiskey, what do we enjoy more, the beverage’s taste or its aroma? Can we separate the two? How do these elements blend together to impact our drinking experience? Explore this at a special night at Asif.

When making alcohol from fruits such as citrus, apples, or grapes, we also get a distillate of the fruit’s aromatic qualities. But what kind of aroma does dry tree trunk have? The answer is none, yet oak barrels are used for aging wines and liquors, imparting a signature flavor.

On the last day of Sukkot, Asif will host Yuval (Joov) Hargil of the Jullius distillery to discuss flavors and aromas. We will taste drinks distilled from various fruits — some aged in different kinds of wine barrels, and others “clean.” We will explore the difference between a drink’s “aroma” and “taste,” discovering the harmony created by a successful marriage of fruit and barrel.


Marc de Galilée a distillate of red grape pomace (GSM), clear and unaged + Marc de Galilée a distillate of red grape pomace, aged in a barrel for three years

Mead a naturally fermented honey wine + Krupnik a distilled and barrel-aged mead

Jullius Bitters a bitter herbal beverage, fresh from the distillery + Jullius Bitters aged in the tank for one year

Fish in olive oil, myrtle and chilly

Cured cheese, citron jam

Smoked lamb sirloin, date spread and sage

Coffee and local biscotti

About the Expert Guest

Yuval Hargil

Yuval Hargil

The Jullius Distillery

Yuval (Joov) Hargil, a former journalist and a food and wine aficionado, had a dream: to found Israel’s first craft distillery. In 2008, this dream became a reality when his distillery opened, paving a road for a new industry in Israel. The Jullius distillery, headed by Hargil, specializes in fruit distillates such as (Eau de Vie), grape pomace distillates (grappa), and botanical drinks (gin, bitters), all made solely with local ingredients, using sustainable production methods. In recent years, the distillery’s achievements have won it international recognition and awards.

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