Flavors From the Library: Roni Saslove – Sold Out

  • Talk
  • 21 July, 19:00 — 21:00
  • On the Asif 4th floor
  • 80 NIS
Headshot of Israeli winemaker Roni Saslove

Asif’s library experts join us on the 4th floor for an evening dedicated to the flavors from books they recommend. The first guest of the series is Roni Saslove.

In recent years the Israeli wine and spirits industry has flourished, both locally and around the globe. Saslove, who worked as a winemaker at her family’s winery and is now a wine writer and lecturer, is one of the experts who took part in the curation of Asif’s library collection. In the first installment of the “Flavors From the Library” series, Saslove will discuss working at her family winery, wine culture in Israel, regionalism in the local terroir, and the future of wine in Israel. We will end with a guided tasting laced with stories and dishes from her favorite books, all of which are on the library shelves.


A Classic Martini Cocktail, based on local vermouth according to a recipe from the book Happy Hours / Mira Eitan

Fermented Mango on lettuce paired with Orange Wine by Philoclia Winery. Recipes That brings life to the books: Neuroenology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine / Gordon Shepherd & The Noma Guide to Fermentation / René Redzepi and David Zilber

Cheese from Shirat Ro’im Dairy, aged with red wine by Harashim winery, will be tasted with the exact same wine next to it, as a tribute to Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine / Madeline Puckette

About the Expert Guest

Roni Saslove
Photo by Ben Yuster

Roni Saslove

Wine Writer and Lecturer

Roni Saslove is a winemaker and wine expert, lecturer, and conductor of unique tasting workshops aimed at the development of the drinker’s tasting abilities. In 2021, she co-authored “Wine Journal – An Israeli Adventure” in which several travel partners review the local wine industry through a journey to the country’s wineries. In addition, Saslove and Guy Haran host the popular “Basic Consumer Product” wine podcast, offering a deep dive into the wine-drinking culture from a variety of fascinating angles.

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