Gallery talk: Breaking the Cliche

  • Talk
  • 24 March, 12:00 — 13:30
  • Asif, 28 Lilienblum St, Tel Aviv
  • 20 NIS
Orange and white plate on orange background

This gallery talk will dive into the research for, and creation of, the exhibition “Home Away from Home Away from Home: A Tribute to Workers’ Restaurants.” Yuval Sa’ar, editor and founder of the online design and art magazine Portfolio will moderate the conversation with the exhibition’s co-curator Liora Rosin, graphic designer Zohar Koren who worked on the exhibition, and food photographer Dan Perez, whose work is featured in the show.

What is a “workers’ restaurant” in Israel? The exhibition offers an ongoing discourse around this topic. It aims to disassemble and reassemble its visual, huma, and culinary characteristics through different prisms to help analyze complex questions about Israeli society.

During the gallery talk, we will delve deeper into the visual language of these restaurants. We will try to understand what are the collective characteristics which have already become cliches — think: menus on the wall, napkins that say “betayavon” — that signal to us that we’ve entered one of these places.

Tickets include a bottle of beer to enjoy during the talk.

Please note: You can also join a tour of Asif from 10 – 11:30 a.m. These tickets are separate from the gallery talk. To sign up for the tour, click here.

About The About the Guests

Yuval Saar

Chief Editor and Founder of Portfolio Magazine

 In 2014 he initiated the Tel Aviv Week of Illustration, and has been its chief curator and artistic director ever since. Yuval has curated exhibitions in various museums, such as Design Museum Holon, The Museum of Islamic Art, The Eretz Israel Museum, Jaffa Museum and more. In the years 2015-2017 he was head of The Shenkar Institute for Research and Documentation of Design in Israel.

Liora Rosin

Desiner, Researcher & Curator

Designer and design researcher specializing in the field of food. Lecturer in the bachelor’s degree in and in the master’s degree program in industrial design in Bezalel and owns an independent studio.

Rona Zinger

Curator and Exhibitions Designer

Worked in recent years as an exhibition designer at the Holon Design Museum. Design lecturer at HIT, Holon Institute of Technology. Graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the department of industrial design, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Dan Perez

Food Photographer

Dan Perez is one of the leading food photographers in Israel, who has been documenting local and Middle Eastern food culture for over a decade. His unique style of photography, which uses natural daylight, has become the hallmark of his work. His food photography regularly appears in local and international press; he’s worked on leading ad campaigns and 20 cookbooks with chefs in Israel and abroad.

Zohar Koren

Founder and Co-Owner of Field-Day Studio

Zohar Koren is the founder and co-owner of the Field-Day Studio with the designer Idan Am-Shalem. The studio specializes in design for art, cultural institutions, and branding for the worlds of design and lifestyle. Zohar is the winner of the Ministry of Culture Award for Design for 2018.