Greater Syria: An Evening of Conversation and Cooking with Safaa Ibrahim and Sigi Mantel

  • Demo Workshop
  • 18 August, 18:30 — 21:00
  • Asif's 4th floor
  • 120 NIS
Syrian cooks Safaa Ibrahim and SIgi Mantel together in a kitchen

Explore Syrian cuisine from two perspectives — Druze and Jewish — as we cook together and enjoy a communal dinner.

This special evening in the Asif test kitchen will open a window into the rich cuisines of Syria through two talented cooks who bonded over a shared passion for the food of their homeland. Safaa Ibrahim is a Druze woman living in the northern part of the Golan Heights, an area that was part of Syria until the Six-Day War in 1967; Sigy Mantel is a Jewish cook whose family moved from Damascus to Israel three generations ago. Together and separately, the cooks have researched the cuisines of their homeland, noting the similarities and differences in their food. They will share their journey and recipes throughout the event.


Fatteh Chicken with Fried pita and chickpeas in a tahini and yogurt sauce

Shishbarak Dumplings stuffed with meat and walnuts served with a yogurt sauce

Purslane Salad With onion, tomato and sumac

Mujadara Bulgur with fried onions and lentils

Mtata Eggplant with tahini

Eggplant Salad With tomatoes

Sillaya Chard stew with chickpeas

Kawaj Beef patties with potatoes

Medias Eggplant with meat

Kataif Sweet pancakes stuffed with kashta cheese and rose water

The food will be served with Chenin Blanc & Chardonnay from Nana Estate in Mitzpe Ramon

About the cooks

Saffaa Ibrahim

Safaa Ibrahim

Syrian Cook

Safaa Ibrahim is a member of a Druze family with roots in Syria. Born in a restaurant in the Golan Heights, where she lives to this day, she learned to cook from her mother, and describes herself as someone who “loves to cook and feed people wholeheartedly.” She shares this passion by serving Syrian-Druze meals in her home through her business The Little Kitchen.

Sigi Mantel

Sigi Mantel

Syrian Cook

Sigi Mantel, who lives and cooks in Gedera, is the granddaughter of an Syrian-Jewish immigrant to Israel. The author of “Blessed Are Your Hands,” a collection of Jewish-Damascus recipes, Sigi learned to cook from her cheerful grandmother when she was still a child. She’s dedicated to preserving and studying the cuisine of Syria and dreams of sharing her grandmother’s flavors with the globe.

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