“Leil׳Shishi” with Hedai Offaim and Karolina

  • Show
  • 18 May, 19:00 — 23:00
  • Asif, 28 Lilienblum St, Tel Aviv
  • 110 NIS
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During the “Leil’Shishi” event series, chef and Farmer Hedai Offaim collaborates with musicians for a night of music, food, and conversation. The duos talk about matters of the plate and the heart and share stories about the songs they’ll play. Cafe Asif’s kitchen serves Friday night dishes—both traditional and modern—and the bar is open.

In religious world, “Leil’Shishi” is another name for Thursday evening. In the Hasidic community, yeshiva students follow the custom of the mishmar where they typically study through the night until the vatikin prayer, which ends with the break of dawn. The continuous study serves as a spiritual preparation for Shabbat and allows one to start the holy day with great intention—and the missing hours of sleep are made up during Shabbat.

A special street food culture developed around the custom where Shabbat dishes like challah, mini kugel, herring, and chopped liver are served in the wee hours from underground pop-ups. The temporary restaurants are a meeting place, where friends can gossip and catch up on news. They also offer a rare opportunity for ultra-orthodox Jews to go to a restaurant. In some communities, the custom has skipped over from the street into yeshivas and the rabbis hold a special gathering called a tisch with music, words of Torah, food and drink.

For this Shavuot edition of Leil’Shishi, Hedai is collaborating with the talented musician Karolina, the Hebrew queen of groove. The pair will discuss creating something new from something old, the things we give in order to receive, gifts from the land, and more. Karolina will perform some of her most beloved songs and together with the guests, we will welcome Shabbat with food for body and soul.

Please note: Seating during the performance is on a first-come, first-served basis. The price includes entrance to the show. Drinks and food are available a la carte.