Local Aperitivo Menu

  • Cafe Asif
  • 29 December, 12:00 — 20:00
  • Lilienblum 28, Tel-Aviv Yaffo
  • Per Order
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Celebrate the Best in Local Flavors During Yom Asif

During Yom Asif, we’re examining local food through panels, tastings, and more. Join us at Cafe Asif to get a taste of it all. The one-day special menu, available 12:00-20:00, will feature cocktails made with herbs from Asif’s rooftop farm, olive oils from across the country, breads made with local and little-known heritage wheat varieties, vegetables from Ginat Ha’Etz, local vanilla from startup Vanilla Vida, and more. 

Plus, stop by a stand offering 20 varieties of citrus from the Volcani Institute that go far beyond the Jaffa orange.  


Bites and Tastings – Each 38 NIS

Tasting of four locally-made Koroneiki olive oils accompanied by apples, tangerines, and heirloom wheat bread 

Land of Wheat bruschetta topped with Roman-era olive tapenade and Marjayoun-style Hubeiza fritters.

Herring bruschetta with za’atar butter seasoned with Vanilla Vida 

Winter savory pastry from Ginat Ha’etz filled with greens alongside beet cream

Chickpeas dipped in saffron according to Athenaeus of Naucratis, with herbs and yogurt stone 

Cocktails by Moli-House of Drinks

Israeliano Summer bitters with Vermouth Rosso by Vedetta 52, vanilla liqueur made with Vanilla Vida, acorns collected from the north of the city, orange peel, spices, and soda water – 54 NIS

Local Negroni Thinkers Gin washed with Koroneiki olive oil by Masik Kibbutz Magal, summer bitters and Vedetta 52 Vermouth Bianco – 52 NIS

Come visit our deli, for a display and tasting of citrus fruit varieties from the breeding orchard of The Volcani Center

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