Meals on Mars

  • Talk
  • 1 May, 18:30 — 19:30
  • Online
  • Free
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How Will Food Culture Change After We Reach the Point of No Return? A Panel Moderated by the Food Writer Asaf Abir.

Inspired by the installation “Picnic on Mars,” this virtual panel of designers, chefs, and innovators faces dramatic questions: What would happen if the distant future of food is forced on us much sooner than we planned, whether because of an ecological disaster or thanks to the success of an adventurous space pioneer? Is it even possible to prepare for such a tomorrow? And, what will food culture look like when we get there?

In this panel we will try to address the questions that concern the people at the forefront of food development, and discuss the possible impact of radical changes on food culture and everyday life. We will also explore the accelerated future processes that have already begun, and whether they can guarantee us a fun and safe picnic on Mars.

About the guests

Asaf Abir

Food Writer

Author of the book “Not Another Cookbook: The Science and Art of the Perfect Bite” and the column Ma Ha’Taam on Calcalist newspaper.

Dr. Lee Recht

VP Sustainability at Aleph Farms

Lee is an executive with vast experience working with global companies and leading NGOs around the world. Aleph Farms grows cultivated beef steaks from non-genetically engineered cells, isolated from a living cow, and with a significantly reduced impact to the environment.

Alon Shikar

Owner of Studio Shika Architects

Shikar is an architect, researcher, lecturer, and owner of Studio SHIKA Architects, which deals with the design with art and design in a variety of settings including in extreme areas and space. He is also a co-founder of D-Mars, which designs and builds analog research structures that simulate crew life on Mars.

Yaniv Gur Arieh

Head chef of Strauss Israel

Gur Arieh is the chef and owner of Nachlaot, a company that focuses on promoting local Israeli cuisine through cooking, collaborating with local producers, and creating culinary content. He specializes in culinary R&D and serves as the head chef of Strauss Israel. He also sorks with food-tech companies on culinary innovation.

Dr. Rafi Grossglik

Professor of Sociology and Anthropology of Food, Nutrition and Agriculture

Grossglik is a lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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