Meorav Yerushalmi: Lecture by Shmil Holland in the presence of Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin, Israel’s 10th President

  • Lecture
  • 8 December, 18:30 — 20:00
  • Asif's Hub
  • 80 NIS
Slice of Jerusalem kugel on a white plate with flower decoration

Asif Day is a day of events and activities, presenting and resuming the research process for the exhibition “A Kitchen of One’s Own: Nechama Rivlin”. The recipe collection of the late First Lady – who spent most of her life in Jerusalem – gives us a glimpse into the city unique cuisine, fluctuating between the melting pot and multiculturalism.

Shmil Holland – a chef, researcher of the Jewish Ashkenazi kitchen and author of Schmalz – will talk about “authentic kitchens” and “traditional kitchens”. Holland researches the influences of local cooking traditions, the availability and cost of ingredients, and the cultures of immigrants and olim on the transformation and development of the kitchen of Jewish Jerusalem in the last 150 years. Ruvi Rivlin, the former president of Israel and a seventh-generation Jerusalemite, will be the guest of honor. Kugel Yerushalmi and beer by the Hadubim Brewery will be served.

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