Rutenberg @ Asif: A Special Dinner by Chefs Hila & Yizhar Sahar

  • A guest chef dinner
  • 31 July, 19:00 — 22:30
  • Café Asif
  • 330 NIS
Hilah Ronen Sahar and Yizhar Sahar, the chefs and owners of Rutenberg restaurant in Israel

Join us for a special dinner prepared by Hilah Ronen Sahar and Yizhar Sahar, the chefs and owners of Rutenberg restaurant, located in Emek Ha’Mayanot. The evening will kick off with a cocktail, appetizers and a talk with the chefs.

After preserving citrus all winter, Hilah Ronen Sahar and Yizhar Sahar of Rutenberg restaurant arrive at Asif to share their pantry’s bounty. The duo will serve a special dinner inspired by the exhibition “A Kitchen of One’s Own: Nechama Rivlin.

The Rutenberg @ Asif dinner will start with an aperitif, appetizers, and a talk with Hila and Yizhar, who will speak about their restaurant’s foundation and its relation to Israeli food culture. They’ll also share how they recreate ancient recipes.

The evening’s course:

19:00 Opening cocktail and appetizers

19:30 Conversation with Hila and Yizhar

20:00 Serving dinner, consisting of five dishes with paired wine

About Rutenberg: Located in the Valley of Springs, Rutenberg restaurant is a destination for passionate diners from across the country. Hila and Yizhar use ancient preservation and agricultural techniques, along with ingredients from local small-scale producers, to explore a uniquely Galilean cuisine.


Vermouth Chateau Golan cocktail with soda and orange caviar

Sourdough cracker with parsley root and pomelo

Watermelon with finger lime and sea salt

Bread with dips: Hush-hush wine vinegar, fermented tangerine, honeycomb, lime, and cilantro

Citrus blossom ile flottante with cucumber consommé and pistachio powder

Sea fish charcuterie with pickled pumpkin, fermented daikon and celery root, and burnt lemon spread

Tomato and mango salad, lemon basil, lime vinaigrette and chili

Roasted fish with fried polenta and pickled lemon cream

Lamb roulade and zest of orange, chard stew, almonds, and kumquat

Celery cake, macaroon, lime powder, goat yogurt mousse, cognac, sugar-roasted almonds, grapefruit peels


Vermouth Chateau Golan

Chnenchik Kerem Shvo

Sauvignon Blanc Sphera

Counoise Seahorse

Bitters Jullius

About the Chefs

Yizhar and Hila Ronan-Sahar

Rutenberg Restaurant

Yizhar Sahar, chef of Rutenberg restaurant, returned to his childhood landscape after years of world travel and cooking. It’s hard to credit Yizhar’s childhood on Kibbutz Afikim with developing his basic culinary knowledge, but his biology teachers and the agriculture department left their mark, impacting his culinary research and work at Rutenberg today.

Hila Ronen-Sahar, Yizhar’s partner, grew up at kibbutz Tzora and wandered its vineyards from an early age under the supervision of Ronnie James, one of Israel’s pioneer winemakers. After graduating from Hebrew University, Hila returned to the wine world as the professional manager of Shaked and Derech Hayain.

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