The Edible Boundaries Between Culture and Technology

  • A talk as part of the Jerusalem Design Week
  • 28 June, 19:00 — 20:30
  • Hansen House, Jerusalem
  • Free
White plate with art that looks similar to a fried egg

If agriculture — which has been vital to civilizations for thousands of years — is essentially a manipulation of nature through various technologies, why do we still insist on conceptually separating “culture” and “tradition” from “innovation” and “foodtech”? Join us for a special panel at Jerusalem Design Week that looks at this question.

Israel is becoming a foodtech powerhouse with leading companies in the fields of sugar substitutes, proteins, and plastics. The city of Rehovot was dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Meat Substitutes,” and cultured meat was declared kosher by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Yet, there is a tendency to separate food culture from food technologies here.

This year’s Jerusalem Design Week at Hansen house will focus on “Lies and Falsehoods.” As part of the event, this panel will explore the edible boundaries between culture and technology, the design processes of the future of food, and the ways in which chefs and food lovers adopt innovative food products — all against the backdrop of global climate crisis and nutritional security. Moderated by Dr. Jeremy Fogle, this panel will feature Michal Levit (Programs and Innovation Manager at Asif), Naama Nicotra (a designer providing identity to lab-grown food), Ilanit Kabesa (a leader in food innovation and a specialist in foodtech), and chef Shirel Berger (from Opa Restaurant).

Please note that the event takes place at Hansen House in Jerusalem, and admission is free based on availability.