A Rich Brew: How Cafés Created Modern Jewish Culture

Literary scholar and cultural historian Shachar M. Pinsker visits the cafes of 20th century Berlin, Odessa, Tel Aviv, New York City, Vienna, and Warsaw in order to understand the origins and evolutions of the Jewish and Israeli modernist movements, especially literature. Pinsker sees the cafe as the answer to Jewish exclusion from private clubs, providing a space for public meetings and thought. Using literary texts, newspaper articles, memoirs, personal letters, photographs, and artworks as reference points to create a physical area that we could not otherwise enter, this book follows the interactions between Jewish writers, dissidents, and academics with each other and non Jews alike in cafes and the effects on modern Jewish culture.

Book details

  • author
  • Shachar M. Pinsker
  • publisher
  • New York University Press
  • Year published
  • 2018
  • Pages
  • 371

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