Domestic life in Palestine

Domestic Life in Palestine

Artist and traveler Mary Eliza Rogers accompanied her brother, the British vice-consul to Palestine in the mid-19th century, on his visits to various villages and cities. Her experiences are summed up in this book, in which she describes the Arab, Jewish, European, Druze, and Bedouin residents who made up the cultural mosaic of the time. With detailed descriptions of the customs and lifestyles of different groups, including weddings, funerals, traditional dishes and meals, clothing, tailoring and upholstery, her personal testimony of everyday life in Palestine is a fundamental text for understanding its residents’ social structure and costumes.

Domestic life in Palestine

Book details

  • author
  • Mary Eliza Rogers
  • publisher
  • Arab Institute for Research and Publishing
  • Year published
  • 1917
  • Pages
  • 413
Domestic life in Palestine
Domestic life in Palestine
The cover of Domestic life in Palestine

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