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Lebanese Cuisine: More Than 250 Authentic Recipes from the Most Elegant Middle Eastern Cuisine

Born in Beirut, Anissa Helou never intended to be a cookbook author. A dinner party in the early 1990s in London, where she was working as an art consultant, changed that. A conversation during the meal illuminated how many of her compatriots were cut off from the cuisine of their homeland because of the country’s civil war. She felt compelled to change that. In her first cookbook, which was shortlisted for the prestigious André Simon Awards, Helou seeks to provide a bridge to the kitchens of Lebanon. She offers readers — those with and without Lebanese roots — 250 recipes ranging from mezze to stews. London-based Palestinian author Sami Tamimi, who recommended this book for the Asif library, explains: “[This is a good] Lebanese recipe book, which I find myself going back to over the years for reference.”

Book details

  • author
  • Anissa Helou
  • publisher
  • Griffin
  • Year published
  • 1994
  • Pages
  • 258
Photo by Dor Kedmi.

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