Memula'im (Stuffed Foods)
Memula’im (Stuffed Foods). Original photo by Dan Perez

Memula’im (Stuffed Foods)

Chef Rafi Cohen’s third book (following “Baking at Home,” cowritten with Yisrael Aharoni in 2014, and the 2013 “Salatim”) is dedicated to stuffed foods. The first dish that comes to mind is stuffed peppers, and with it a question: How much is there to be written on the subject? Apparently, a lot. The book’s opening chapter presents important principles and tips in great detail, and teachers readers all they need to know about the vegetable, the filling and the cooking itself. Next, readers will find more than 60 recipes for dishes such like black cabbage leaves stuffed with wild rice, parsley root with lamb, quince filled with veal, and pastries like boyos and brik.

Memula'im (Stuffed Foods)
Memula'im (Stuffed Foods)

Book details

  • author
  • Rafi Cohen
  • publisher
  • Keter
  • Year published
  • 2017
  • Pages
  • 204
Memula'im (Stuffed Foods)
Memula'im (Stuffed Foods)
The Cover of Memula’im (Stuffed Foods). Original photo by Dan Perez

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