Original Photography: Yael Ilan


In Yiddish, “schmaltz” refers to chicken fat, which is a hallmark of kosher-keeping Eastern European Jewish kitchens. In English, the word connotes exaggerated sentimentalism or kitsch. It’s a fitting name for this essential volume by Israeli writer Shmil Holland. In prose that’s both moving and entertaining, Holland explores the Ashkenazi kitchen through recipes and personal anecdotes including ones about his grandparents, weaving in short essays like those by author Nikil Osheroff, which expand on history, culture, and tradition.

Book details

  • author
  • Shmil Holland
  • publisher
  • Modan
  • Year published
  • 2011
  • Pages
  • 204
The Cover of the Schmaltz cookbook
Original Photography: Yael Ilan

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