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The Flavor Thesaurus: A Compendium of Pairings, Recipes and Ideas for the Creative Cook

“This is a book I reach to very often,” explains Palestinian chef and cookbook author Sami Tamimi, who recommended this book for the Asif library collection. Before writing the volume, Niki Segnit was, in her words, “an ordinary, if slightly obsessive, home cook.” She felt she needed a primer to flavor pairings, something akin to a flavor thesaurus, she writes in the introduction to this volume. One didn’t exist, so she set out to create it.

Segnit divides flavors into categories such as meaty, mustardy, green & grassy, and citrusy. Ascribed to each flavor are ingredients, each of which are listed with pairings both familiar and unexpected such as beets and goat cheese, mushrooms and blueberries, and chocolate and lime. There are nearly 1,000 entries and 200 recipes in the book, which won the prestigious André Simon Award in 2010.

Book details

  • author
  • Niki Segnit
  • publisher
  • Bloomsbury
  • Year published
  • 2010
  • Pages
  • 400

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