Passover & Mimouna Recipes

A mix of challenges and rewards, Passover cooking is a culinary puzzle of sorts: Dishes should be celebratory, but also free of hametz or leavening. For centuries, communities and families around the world have found creative solutions, creating dishes that reflect their local markets like this gefilte fish a la Veracruzana. The recipe comes from chef Pati Jinich’s grandmother Esther who blended her Ashkenazi roots with spicy and bright Mexican flavors from her adopted home. Jon Greenberg’s beet jam or eingemacht nods to a time in eastern Europe when fresh fruit was hard to come by in early spring. Meanwhile, Michel Thouati’s Sephardic braised lamb shoulder with peas and artichokes highlights produce available in the western Mediterranean around Passover.

There’s no hametz in these Passover recipes from our partner the Jewish Food Society, but some contain kitniyot or legumes, which some communities enjoy on Passover while others abstain from. You’ll also find one recipe made with flour for crepes called mufleta that are served at Mimouna, a Moroccan celebration that marks the end of the holiday. 

For more plant-based Passover recipes, see this collection from chef Zion Barnes of Ha’achim in Tel Aviv. 

Wishing you a sweet Passover!

Bone-in lamb with peas and artichokes in white ceramic dish

Asada de Cordero con Alcachofas en Miel (Braised Lamb Shoulder with Peas and Artichokes)

Sephardic mina with layers of potato, spinach, and cheese

Mina de Espinaca (Spinach, Cheese and Matzo Pie)