Rosh Hashanah and High Holiday Recipes

At Rosh Hashanah tables in Israel and around the world, many Jewish families celebrate with honey and fruit, hoping they will foretell a sweet year ahead.

Many of the recipes in this collection highlight the best ingredients of the season like grapes in Haim Cohen’s beef bourguignon, and eggplant with apples and honey from Ayelet Latovitch. You will also find recipes for sweet carrots and beef kofta curry from the community of Baghdadi Jews of India and our partners at the Jewish Food Society.

Wishing you a sweet and happy year!

Persian Chicken With Walnuts and Pomegranate Preserves

Fesenjan (Persian Chicken With Walnuts and Pomegranate Preserves)

Olive oil and za'atar rolls

Olive Oil & Za’atar Rolls

Oshi Bakhsh (Bukharian Rice With Lamb and Herbs)

Oshi Bakhsh (Bukharian Rice With Lamb and Herbs)

Pumpkin steak and yellow split pea puree sit in a terracotta bowl with a black interior

Duba (Ethiopian Pumpkin Steak With Yellow Split Pea Purée)

Lamb’s neck stuffed with raisins and grapes on a brass plate

Lamb’s Neck Stuffed with Raisins and Grapes

Round and golden honey tart dotted with edible flowers sits atop a gold tray and a colorful tablecloth

Ethiopian Honey Tart (Mare)