Kim Kushner’s Moroccan Shabbat Fish. Photo by Penny de Los Santos.

Moroccan Shabbat Fish

This play on Moroccan fish comes from cookbook author Kim Kushner who purees the sauce of peppers for a smoother texture.

Fish Tagine. Photo by Ariel Efron

Fish Tagine

Usually this dish – baked fish topped with Tahini – is known as a fish siniya, but in Julia’s family they called it this way.

Illustration: Rotem Biksenspaner

Pickled Mackerel

In this recipe, oily and flavorful mackerel is lightly pickled in vinegar. Quick and easy to prepare, it requires your patience for 2 hours.

Illustration: Rotem Biksenspaner

Local Bouillabaisse

Purists, like chef Assaf Doctor, prepare this soup only when the sea offers rascasse fish. Thankfully, there’s another approach.