Photography by Armando Rafael and food styling by Judy Haubert

Kurdish Kadeh and Zijik

Alon Hadar’s recipe for a stuffed bread filled with cheese that honors the tradition of eating dairy-laden dishes on Shavuot. The kadeh “was the queen on the table,” says Alon, served alongside a rich yogurt sauce called zijik that’s made with fresh purslane. This recipe, which adds spinach to the filling, is Alon’s riff on the kadeh his grandmother made.

Photo by Penny De Los Santos

Calsones (Cheese Ravioli)

In the spring, tables in Safed and Tiberias are set with calsones — pronounced caltzones — ravioli-like pockets stuffed with locally-made sheep’s milk cheese called tzfatit.

Photo by Jewish Food Society

Hen Soup with Galuska Dumplings

Growing up on a homestead in northern Minnesota, Julia Silverberg Nemeth’s family had chicken soup every Friday. The recipe hinted at a secret her family kept from her — she was Jewish.

Iraqi Purim Pastries. Photo by Dor Malka.

Hadji Bada (Iraqi Coconut Cookies)

These simple three-ingredient cookies take less than an hour to make from start to finish. Pair them with tea.

Boulukunio (Almond and Sesame Brittle). Photo by Armando Rafael.

Boulukunio (Almond and Sesame Brittle)

This version of almond and sesame seed brittle is an ancient recipe that dates back generations from the home cooks of medieval Spain

Iraqi Purim Pastries. Photo by Dor Malka.

Basic Dough for Iraqi Purim Pastries

This dough can be used to make three pastries for an Iraqi Purim celebration: cheese sambusak, date-filled cookies and ka’akat.