Kubbeh Charoleh (Baked Kubbeh). Photo by Penny De Los Santos.

Kibbeh Charola (Baked Kibbeh)

In this Syrian-Mexican family, bulgur and beef kibbeh is served with tahini, avocado, and salsa cruda at Shabbat lunch.

Photo by Shani Brill

Kofte Tabrizi

This is one of the first incarnations of kubbeh, with the casing made up mainly of meat held together with a small amount of cereal.

Photo by Shani Brill

Kibbeh Haleb (Aleppo Kibbeh)

Made with ground lamb shank, pepper paste, and pine nuts, these kibbeh from Aleppo are worthy of a special occasion.

Avikas (White Bean and Beef Stew). Photo by Penny de Los Santos.

Avikas (White Bean and Beef Stew)

A simple stew of beef, white kidney beans, onion, and tomato paste, simmering away on the stove. Perfect for winter days!