Etty’s Persian Charoset. Photo by Penny De Los Santos.

Persian Charoset

Charoset recipes vary both by region and from house to house. This Persian version is made with bananas, apples, pears, dates, and nuts.

Gefilte Fish a la Veracruzana. Photo by Dave Katz.

Gefilte Fish a la Veracruzana

A Mexican play on gefilte fish from chef Pati Jinichi’s family, fish patties are poached in a spicey tomato sauce with pickled peppers.

Mexican Charoset. Photo by Dave Katz.

Mexican Charoset

Examine the charoset on any Passover table and you can likely tell where the host traces their roots. This one comes from a family in Mexico.

Moroccan Mufleta. Photo by Penny De Los Santos.

Moroccan Mufleta

These crepes served with honey and butter are the star of a traditional Moroccan Mimouna celebration held at the end of Passover.