The Citrus Pantry

For 21st century Israelis, nothing’s more natural than spritzing lemon juice onto a salad, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice in winter, or peeling juicy clementines. Citrus, which originated in Southeast Asia, is an integral part of many Middle Eastern kitchens today. It played an important role in the cooking of Israel’s late First Lady Nechama Rivlin, who inspired this collection. The recipes for preserving citrus below were developed by chefs Izhar Sa’ar and Hilah Ronen Sahar of Rutenberg Restaurant.

This recipe collection is part of Asif’s inaugural exhibition “A Kitchen of One’s Own: Nechama Rivlin.”

Kumquat jam in a glass canning jar

Julius’ Kumquat and Marc de Galilee Jam

Preserved orange blossoms in vinegar in a glass jar

Wine Vinegar with Bitter Orange Blossoms