Ronit Vered and Sami Tamimi sitting at a table infront of bookshelves

Watch: Chef Sami Tamimi and Ronit Vered Discuss ‘Falastin: A Cookbook’

On November 6, 2021 Asif hosted the acclaimed chef and author Sami Tamimi to celebrate his latest book “Falastin.” He spoke with food journalist and Asif’s gallery curator Ronit Vered about Palestinian cuisine, cultural appropriation, and the cookbooks that have influenced his career.

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In 2020, chef Sami Tamimi and Ottolenghi collaborator Tara Wigley, published Tamimi’s third, and most personal cookbook, “Falastin.” In a conversation with journalist Ronit Vered at Asif, Tamimi expanded on his motives for writing the book and the process of creating it. He shared his position on the question of appropriation of dishes like maqluba and musakhan, his desire to preserve life in East Jerusalem where he was born, and his experience moving to Tel Aviv and later to London, where he lives today. Watch the complete conversation below.

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