A tasty event for kids led by pastry chef Rinat Tzadok

  • Kids Activity
  • 6 August, 16:00 — 17:30
  • Asif, 28 Lilienblum St, Tel Aviv
  • 50 NIS

Where was ice cream invented? Who made the first ice cream machine? And how can you make homemade Ice Cream Cones?

Bring your little ones to Asif this summer holiday. We’ll start in the library and head up to the rooftop farm to check out the fruits and herbs growing there. Kids will get to smell and gently pick some herbs for lemonade that we’ll make together.

Next, Rinat will tell us where ice cream comes from and how vanilla’s being grown in Israel.

Of course no one (parents included!) will leave without a cup of vanilla ice cream while we listen to Meir Shalev’s famous children’s story “Vanilla on the Forehead and Strawberries on the Nose.”


This event is intended for kids ages 5-9, accompanied by a parent or guardian.  

Join us at Cafe Asif beforehand and enjoy a 15 percent discount  

If there are children with food sensitivities, please inform us in advance by e-mail [email protected].