Documenting the Chefs in Shifts | Food for the Frontline
photo by: Haim Yafim Barbalat

Gathering Together

Photos from Chefs in Shifts | Food for the Frontline are on view at the Asif Gallery, Sunday–Thursday, 9 a.m.– 5 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m–3 p.m.

By Asif Team |

Israel is at war.

Citizens are withdrawing into their homes and families; but they also feel a strong desire to go out and support the war effort in every possible way.

On their way to defend their country on the front lines, soldiers are looking for moments of respite and comfort. At the same time, restaurants in Israel are struggling to stay open.

Asif’s Chefs in Shifts | Food for the Frontline is where these elements of current Israeli reality converge. Through this project, restaurant chefs from across the country are cooking 800 hot meals a day for soldiers in the north and south, providing them not only with food, but support. 

Photo by: Haim Yafim Barbalat

In these challenging times, this project brings together civilians and soldiers, providing an opportunity for a smile, a conversation, and some precious moments of happiness.

Photographers Avishag Shaar-Yashuv, Haim Yafim Barbalat, Noam Preisman, and Or Sitt set out to document these shared moments created over food, in an attempt to capture this unique atmosphere of caring for one another.

מיזם ארוחת שף|תורנות שטח
Photo by: Avishag Shaar Yashuv

Chico Menashe, CEO of Asif: Culinary Institute of Israel explains: “At Asif, we work year-round to promote Israeli food culture at home and abroad. It was only natural for us to respond to the IDF’s request for assistance in boosting the morale of soldiers, while also providing support for struggling restaurants in these challenging times. Witnessing the success of our project has been truly heartwarming. When I visited army bases and saw soldiers receive a warm meal and a hug from our volunteers and from restaurant workers, I was moved to tears. We approached Jewish philanthropists in the U.S. as initial sponsors for this project, and are currently raising additional donations in Israel and abroad.”

Gathering Together
Photo by: Itamar Ginsburg

Restaurants and chefs that took part in the Chefs in Shifts | Food for the Frontline project: Aviad Peled – Pereh (Tel Aviv); Avivit Priel – Ouzeria (Tel Aviv); Bino Gabso – Dr. Shakshuka (Jaffa); Danna Lee Berman – Gan Hashikmim (Tel Aviv); Dor Vanger; Doron Bar On – Doron’s Kitchen (HaYogev); Efrat Enzel; Elran Scherpler – Ibn Ezra (Tel Aviv); Erez Komarovsky and Hanan Azran – Erez & Hanan Catering; Gal Ben Moshe – Pastel (Tel Aviv); Hagay Lederman; Hilel Tavakuli – Animar and Darya (Tel Aviv); Itai Kushmaro and Shemi Golomb – Beit Kandinof (Jaffa); Oded Schwarzbard – Restaurant 1910 (Degania); Ohad Levi – Mamo (Eilat); Ron Ben Dori – Local Kitchen (Ronit Farm, Ga’ash); Shaily Lipa; Tamar Cohen-Tzedek – Cucina Hess 4 ; Uri Efroni; Uri Tzur and Amit Amir – Local Trattoria (Shomera); Yahel Abrahams and Tomer Rosenfeld (Haifa); Yahaloma Levi – Yahaloma Levi Catering; Yaron Malka – Roberta Vinci (Pardes Hanna-Karkur); Yehi Zino – Pescado (Ashdod); Yossi Sharf – The Trailer Catering; Yossi Shitrit – HIBA (Tel Aviv).

 Chefs in Shifts | Food for the Frontline
Photo by: Noam Prisman