Exploring the Breadth of Palestinian Cuisine With Ruhiya Eltayeb & Kitchen Talks

  • Demo Workshop
  • 15 November, 19:00 — 21:00
  • Asif's 4th floor
  • 120 NIS
A bowl of Palestinian stew

Join the talented cook Ruhiya Eltayeb for an intimiate cooking demonstration and dinner as she shares what defines the flavors of Gaza — and what separates it from other Palestinian kitchens.

At this special evening in Asif’s test kitchen, meet Ruhiya Eltayeb, a talented cook who draws culinary inspiration from various women in her life. With family roots in Jaffa, Gaza, and the West Bank, Ruhiya will share her family story and discuss the kitchen of Gaza and what makes it unique. She’ll demonstrate how to make five dishes before we all sit down to a meal.

Ruhiya works with Kitchen Talks, a social enterprise that offers vegan and vegetarian culinary experiences led by cooks from marginalized communities in Israel like asylum seekers, migrants, and minorities.


Bissara A dried fava beans and molokhia spread

Sumagiyya Veal and mutton shoulder with Swiss chard, sumac, chickpeas, red tahini, and dill seeds

Rummaniyeh A vegetarian stew of eggplant and pomegranates

Fish Sinniyah Fish baked with tahini and spices

Chopped Salad A spicy and lemony salad

Sweet Fenugreek Sinniyah Eggplant with meat

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