First Harvest: Taste Olive Oils With Hila Alpert at Asif

  • Tasting
  • 12 December, 19:00 — 21:30
  • Asif's 4th floor
  • 90 NIS
Hila Alpert in a kitchen holding a long noodle

In honor of the end of the olive harvest and the beginning of the new olive oil season, culinary specialist Hila Alpert will host an oil tasting with local expert Shachar Ayalon.

The olive oil industry in Israel has experienced a renaissance in recent years, which has changed the way we use and consume olive oil. More and more people are familiar with the names and properties of olive varieties such as Koroneiki, Barnea, Fischulin, and Picual Nabeli.

In honor of the new olive oils of the year, Hila Alpert will host Shachar Ayalon (the head of the olive oil tasting panel of the Northern District) for a guided professional tasting that will examine local olive oils with an emphasis on the differences between fresh oil and those pressed a year ago. As part of the tutorial, we will learn how to properly taste olive oil and how we can understand through taste and aroma the biography of the oil.

After the tasting, we will taste dishes prepared by Hila and Asif Culinary Director Ayelet Latovitch.  


Olive oil marinated sirloin bread toasted in olive oil, horseradish aioli.

Sashimi with olive oil

Beet spaghetti with herbs

Cookies and herbal tea

About the guest expers

Shachar Ayalon

Olive Oil Expert

Born to a family of farmers, originally from Moshav Sde Hemed. He started his career in the field about 15 years ago as a farmer engaged in planting, harvesting and restoring olive groves, and today he is a professional olive oil taster and head of the tasting panel of the Northern District at the Olive Board. In addition, he deals with quality control and conducts training on olive oil.

Hila Alpert

Food Journalist

Hila Alpert grew up in a mix of culinary traditions. She is one of the most prominent figures in the local culinary landscape. She is a food writer, creator, journalist, lecturer, and TV presenter. She is the author of several cookbooks and restaurant guides and a culinary consultant for restaurants and the food industry.

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