Beyond the Jaffa Orange

  • Citrus Tasting with the Volcani Institute
  • 29 December, 16:00 — 17:30
  • Lilienblum 28, Tel-Aviv Yaffo
  • Free
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Join us at Yom Asif for a citrus tasting and lecture with the Volcani Institute

Since launching 101 years ago, researchers at the Volcani Institute have developed dozens of varieties of citrus from exceptionally sweet pomelo to the best Mandarin oranges in the world, to grapefruit that can be enjoyed by people taking cholesterol-lowering medications. During this lecture and tasting with Volcani’s Dr. Ron Porat, we’ll taste little-known citrus varieties, try markets not on the market today, and get a better understanding of the complex flavors of citrus and what goes into developing and cultivating them.

About the expert guest

Dr. Ron Porat

Dr. Ron Porat is a researcher in the Agricultural Produce Research Department at the Volcani Institute. His research deals with the storage of citrus, pomegranates, and guavas, as well as food waste and the flavors and aroma of fruits.

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