Bible to Table

  • Lecture and Tasting
  • 29 December, 12:30 — 14:00
  • Lilienblum 28, Tel-Aviv Yaffo
  • 90 NIS
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An integral part of local food culture in Israel is rooted in traditions and cultures that go back to biblical times. Taste the dishes that helped start it all at this event in Asif’s Test Kitchen

Reading ancient texts closely, we can learn how biblical foods were grown and dishes were cooked, how diners ate and drank centuries ago in this region. Dr. Tova Dickstein, an expert on recreating biblical foods, and journalist Maya Darin will take us on a fascinating culinary journey that will include tastes of hamin with wheat and lupini beans, bulgur and fava bean paste, and date candies from ancient Egypt.

If you can’t join this lecture, you’ll also be able to try these dishes at the evening aperitivo at Cafe Asife.

About the expert guests

Dr. Tova Dickstein

Dr. Tova Dickstein holds a PhD from Bar Ilan University and specializes in the study of biblical food. She’s studied religious texts and world literature in an effort to trace the foods of the biblical age. 

Photo by Amit Naim

Maya Darin

Maya Darin is a chef, culinary journalist, consultant, and entrepreneur. She’s written for the food section of Yisrael Hayom for 15. She also advises leading brands in the food space, creates culinary content for festivals and conferences, and these days, she is working on a series of pop-up events in the Golan Heights connected to wine and food. 

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