Local Food in Crisis

  • Panel & Lectures
  • 29 December, 09:00 — 12:00
  • Lilienblum 28, Tel-Aviv Yaffo
  • Free
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Yom Asif 2022 is a day of events dedicated to examining the idea of local food in Israel. Join us in the morning for Local Food in Crisis, a series of panels and lectures exploring what “local” really means and how it relates to identity politics. We’ll also hear about the dark side of “new sustainability” and from leading food tech companies about whether it’s possible to create something that’s both local and industrial.

Start the day with The Local Angle where Asif’s Michal Levit will moderate a panel with culinary sociologist Rafi Grosglik, environmental anthropologist Dr. Ramez Eid, Tzipora Tietel of the Volcani Institute, and Uri Tsuk Bar from the Ministry of Agriculture. They will look at local food in the face of the climate crisis and what it means in terms of identity politics. What does eating local look like in different societies and what are the challenges of promoting local food? They will also ask questions about the Ministry of Agriculture’s recent controversial reforms that have impacted local farmers.

Next, join Asaf Miniberg of Gitan Ha’Etz for a lecture about the Hijacking of Sustainability by corporations and politicians and the entrance of large companies into the sustainability space.

Round out the morning with Local 2.0, which will look at the relationship between technology and local food and how the two can support one another. Eliran Elimelech from Start-Up Nation Central will start with a review of the food tech industry in Israel and then invite five leading companies to present their ideas. Aleph Farms will discuss the local angle of cultivated steak, Anina will speak on reducing food waste, Vanilla Vida on their ideas of local from a marketing perspective, Carobway on a local ingredient right under their noses, and Yuval Ben Naria Group on why there’s a need for Israeli-made sake.


9:00-9:20 Coffee with Local Snacks

9:20 – 9:30 Opening Remarks by Naama Shefi, CEO of Asif

9:30-10:30 The Local Angle, a panel moderated by Michal Levit, Manager of Public Programs at Asif, with Dr. Rafi Grosglik – Food Anthropologist and Sociologist, Dep. of Sociology and Anthropology, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Dr. Ramez Eid, Expert in environmental anthropology and lecturer at the Open University, Dr. Zipora Tietel, Head of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry lab, Gilat Center for Semi Arid Agriculture, ARO, and Uri Tsuk Bar, Deputy Director General, of the Research, Economy and Strategy Division at the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development.

10:30-11:00 The Highjacking of ‘Local Food’, lecture by Asaf Mininberg (Gitan Ha’Etz)

11:15-12:00 Local Food 2.0, a short review by Eliran Elimelech – VP Ecosystem Development and presentations from food tech companies: Gali Fried – VP of Business Development & Marketing at Vanilla Vida, Dr. Lee Recht – VP Sustainability at Aleph Farms, Udi Alroy – Co-Founder, CEO at CarobWay Ltd, Zur Lester – Wine manager at Taizu restaurant, Lihi Dar – VP Marketing and sales at ANINA Culinary Art.

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