Tasting Terroir in the Land of Olives

  • Olive Oil Tasting
  • 29 December, 10:00 — 11:30
  • Lilienblum 28, Tel-Aviv Yaffo
  • Free
Olive illustration

During Yom Asif we will examine the idea of local food in Israel — and how can we talk about that without talking about olive oil?

The Italians will not move without it, the Spanish will greedily wipe pieces of bread with it, and in Israel, it’s drizzled (very generously) on every fresh vegetable and fish in sight. At this tasting led by olive oil expert Ehud Soriano, learn to differentiate between different production areas and terroirs and get a look into the archaeological aspects of the most important oil in Israeli cuisine.

About the expert guest

Man in blue shirt standing infront of an olive tree

Ehud Soriano

A graduate of the University of Jaén’s olive oil program in Spain, Ehud Soriano works as a consultant advising olive oil producers. He is also a frequent judge in international olive oil competitions, a teacher, and a lecturer on olive oil in Israel and around the world.

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