Tami and Moris Moyal cook at The Open Kitchen Project
Tami and Moris Moyal|Photo by: Matan Choufan

The Open Kitchen Project

Our initiative, The Open Kitchen Project, offers war evacuees a kitchen to feel at home in for a short while.

By Asif Team |

As the weeks stretch on and evacuated families continue to live in hotels, many miss the foods and smells of home. Our new initiative, The Open Kitchen Project, offers these cooks a kitchen to feel at home in for a short while. 

What is the dish that makes you feel at home, even when you are far from home? Perhaps it’s Moroccan fish or chicken soup. Thousands of evacuated families who have been living in hotels since the start of war have nowhere to cook these dishes.  

Matan Choufan and Sharona Dahan
Matan Choufan and Sharona Dahan

The Open Kitchen Project finds these cooks a home kitchen in Tel Aviv where they can make the dish they miss the most. We provide the ingredients and do the matching, all you need to do is sign up to cook or to host.

Chico Menashe, CEO of Asif explains: “One of the things we have noticed in recent weeks is the intensity of the need and desire of families who were evacuated from their homes to bring to their temporary homes the thing they miss so much: homemade food. For each of us, food symbolizes family, those familiar and cherished anchors, the scents and flavors we left behind.

“This initiative of Asif meets this need. The first pilots we did showed that an amazing connection is revealed between people, families, and communities, through cooking.”

Try the recipes from The Open Kitchen Project and learn more about the cooks:

Sigal Hayak’s red lentil and barley soup
Anat Meir’s meatballs in tomato sauce
Miri Ben Simon’s mkhamar (Moroccan potato pie)
Valerie Chen’s bulgur keftas (kubbeh)
Jasmin Avrahami Sekorik’s beet ash (Persian soup)
Shosh Yosef’s kubbaneh
Tami and Moris Moyal’s chicken kefta (Tunisian meatballs)
Sharona Dahan’s spicy Moroccan fish