Where Did the Waiters Go: A Heated Debate & Confessions From the City’s Waiters

  • Discussion
  • 14 March, 19:00 — 21:00
  • Hub
  • 65 NIS
Illustration of waiters in a restaurant

Where have all the waiters gone? And, what can we do to bring them back? Or, should we prepare to say goodbye? Join us for a special event with Mazeh 9 and Asif led by documentarian and salon host Dana Frank, where we’ll take a close look at the state of wait staff in Tel Aviv.

For decades, moving to Tel Aviv and working in the restaurant industry was a rite of passage for people in their 20s, a way to pay the bills — and a path to self discovery. But, that’s changed. The cost of living in Tel Aviv has surged, while wages have stayed the same, breaking a delicate balance. COVID has only made matters worse. The result: Restaurants across the city are desperate for waiters. What can be done?

To Wait or Not to Wait: Dana Frank will host a heated and cheeky debate about whether it’s worth seeking out the life of a waiter. On the pro side, hear from comedian Adi Sasson and restaurateur Ruti Brudo, while ex-waiters Tess Hashiloni and Carmel Tzaig offer a counter attack.

Check, Please: Confessions From the City’s Waiters: Few of us have kept our jobs waiting tables on our resumes, but many of us found a social circle and even soulmates through those jobs. We’ll close out the evening with a spoken history of waiting tables in Israel featuring stories from waiters past and present. Hear from Irit Shenkar (ex Keren, Dixie), actors Nelly Tagar and comedian Uri Gottlieb, as well as a young waiter Ben Levavi.

House-made rolls with fresh zaatar from Asif’s rooftop farm, citrus jam, and Circassian cheese made by Ayelet Latovitch will be served alongside wine from Tavor Winery. 

About the hosts

Dana Frank

Content Creator

tells curious stories, trying to decipher the Israeli reality through various platforms like documentary films, articles, and podcasts. She was one of the founders and presenters of the acclaimed “Pocket Animals” podcast, and writes for the Haaretz weekend edition and other platforms. She also leads monthly debates at the House of Solidarity.

Mazeh 9

The Youth Center of The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

The youth center of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, works to improve the lives of young people, encourage social entrepreneurship in the city and promote policies that benefit young people. The organization provides a range of services in an “open source” configuration, allowing residents to create their own events and programs.

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