A colorful 1970s illustration of people at a party
Illustration by Orit Arif

“How to Make a Good Stew of People Around the Table”

Just before the release of her new book in early January, author Ruth Sirkis sat down and talked to Efrat Enzel about her first book that became an overnight success.

By Team Asif |

Walnut-coated cheese balls, Waldorf salad, and tiny pizzas — these are just three of the iconic and enduring dishes from the 1975 book “Cooking With Love.” The power of the book is not only its accessible recipes but its well-thought-out guide to hosting.

Contrary to the famous saying in Hebrew “Don’t talk at meal time (אין משיחין בשעת הארוחה),” author Ruth Sirkis encouraged hosts and guests to talk at meals. For that, she says, a host needs to know “hot to make a good stew of people around the table.” In an interview at Asif with TV and radio host Efrat Enzel, Ruth shares what led her to write the book and how she translated her experience of hosting many gathering while she was living in Los Angeles into the principles of perfect hospitality.

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