Welcome to Asif

Asif rooftop garden plots with herbs and fruit trees
Photo by Matan Choufan

Welcome to Asif

Asif is a non-profit organization and culinary center in Tel Aviv dedicated to cultivating and nurturing Israel’s diverse and creative food culture. Learn more about us.

Photo by BeeHero

The Israeli Start-ups Working to Save the Bees

From mechanical pollinators to smart hives, these companies are helping ensure there’s honey for this Rosh Hashanah — and many to come.

Rifat (Moroccan Tea Biscuits) on metal tray
Moroccan tea biscuits to break the fast | Photographer: Matan Choufan

Grandmother Esther’s Rifat

These crunchy Moroccan tea biscuits with a fragrant anise flavor are the best way to break the Yom Kippur fast.

restaurant from the future
Image via Midjourney: Or Ayalon

Chefs and Food Tech — Is This the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship?

Traditionally, there’s been a chasm between food tech companies and chefs. Adam Sella spoke to some of the country’s leading chefs about it, how it’s starting to change, and how we all might benefit. 

In the Asif Library

We asked a range of culinary experts to select books that explore Israeli, regional Arab, and Jewish cuisine. Browse their recommendations.

Claudia Roden

Award-Winning Cookbook Author and Middle Eastern Culinary Scholar

Gil Hovav

Celebrated Israeli Author
Media Personality

Dr. Johnny Mansour

Scholar of Arab-Muslim History and Christians in the Middle East

Michael Solomonov

Chef of Zahav
in Philadelphia and
Cookbook Author

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